Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Nerd Nation

My children really didn't have any hope, but I thought they might have a few more years before their overt nerdiness would be revealed. Unfortunately at 3 the nerd is strong in the Elfling and has already surfaced, while the Monkey is showing tendencies.

LH bought me a new laptop for my birthday. He asserts that it was because my old one was outdated and dind't run my uni applications very well, but the real reason was that he wanted me to play his MMORG with him. And sadly, I have succumbed. Even when I promised I wouldn't. So that left my old laptop (which is fully functional) alone and friendless.

Well until DD opened it up and within 5 minutes had the Wiggles pumping and was putting hats on Henry the Octopus at lightning speed (having far more nous with the mouse than my Mum has!). Then the Monkey tried to operate the trackpad at the same time and words were spoken as they fought the battle of the online games.

It's all terribly freaky and very very geeky. My children are nerds.

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