Monday, 15 October 2007

October 15

Today is international pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day, a day where every miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death can be remembered. So many little people that meant the whole world to someone and yet who are unknown by most in the world. I'm not generally a religious person but this is one day I light a candle and watch its light flicker. There is one tiny flame who I miss most of all, and who I wish I could light enough candles to bring back. She's my inspiration to do Cardiology and my determination to at least try and be strong enough for paeds.

October 15 is also the day I learned 7 years ago, unequivocally, that my grandmother who I loved so much was going to finally be relinquished from the pain she was suffering. It is a bittersweet day, and one that still gives me a sharp pang.

And finally it is the day that I was born 26 years ago at 10:20am in a little regional hospital in Northern Queensland. I think I have achieved a bit in my short 26 years, I am married, I have 2 children, I have 2 Bachelor's degrees with more on the way and yet that list still seems bare and not full enough. But I have had a blessed life, and I have much left to achieve. No one can ever be truly happy if they've achieved anything otherwise what would be the point in going on?

As such I've concocted a teensy list of things to do before this landmark rolls on again

This time next year I want to
- have only 4 weeks left until I can call myself Dr
- have 2 happy and healthy daughters aged 2 and 4 and a half
- be married and happy about this
- have conquered my weight loss goals and be hovering near that magic 60
- have devoted time to knitting and sewing and cooking
- have my rose and wisteria flower and have some vegetables growing

But most of all I want to be where I am today - happy, content, and very very blessed


Kim said...

Happy belated birthday Jenn.

You really are an inspiration. You have achieved so much, and continue to reach for the stars. God knows you'll get there with your level-headed approach and your desire to succeed.

I hope your girls showered you with those special hugs that only children can give. The ones that come from deep down and make you tear up knowing you created them.

Mwah, Kim

Kisses said...

Happy Birthday Lovely Libran Lady!


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