Monday, 22 October 2007

This is harder than it looks...

My day in point form
5am - wake up have shower
5:15 - get dressed
5:25 - make breakfast and eat/feed most of it to the Monkey
5:40 - brush teeth
5:45 - watch bizarre right wing American presidential candidate on early morning news program while waiting for traffic report
6:00 - gather phone, PDA, hospital tags and medical kit and assemble (read stuff with force into handbag), extract self from Monkey's yoghurty embrace
6:05 - brush hair and do last check in mirror to make sure that I have removed all yoghurt smears
6:15 - get in car and drive to work
7:15ish - get to work, drop bag in staffroom, make self visible hence making good impression, check out the ED bays to see what we've got happening and hope that some are interesting
7:30-12 - talk to patients, take histories, follow up test results, reassure worried relatives, present case histories to consultants, look knowledgeable and clever with stethoscope, fool people into thinking you're the new reg instead of student
12 - eat lunch
1 - present long case to consultant, prepare to be grilled on knowledge, hope sound professional
1-4 same as before lunch
4ish start getting ready to go home
4:15 - start commute home, listen to radio to find out which way is least likely to involve sitting at a standstill breathing in exhaust fumes
5:20 get home (if it's a good day and traffic hasn't been too bad)
5:45 start making dinner while chatting to Elfling
6:00 serve dinner, hope that the girls actually ingest some, more chat
6:30 girls in bath, help LH assemble sleepwear, assemble night nappies
6:45 feed Monkey, hope that she will lie still for a feed instead of trying to feed while standing up
6:55 read Hairy McLairy books
7:00 tuck Monkey into bed and play peekaboo for a little while
7:20 go to Pilates class
8:40 get home from Pilates, drink water, read e-mails
8:45 write some half hearted notes for uni
9:00 give up on being studious and read favourite blogs/write blog
9:42 look at clock and feel exhausted
10:00pm spend "quality" time with husband then sleep like a log until Monkey wakes up for feed at 2 am.
5am rinse and repeat.

I love what I'm doing but the commute is killing me (and it takes away nearly 3 hours a day of my time with the babies :(


Kisses said...

I've been reading lots of Hairy McLairy too - and contemplating why it's such a huge success, basically it's the full package, it's got everything - it's simple and fun, it's got repetition, alliteration and rhythm. It'd be very satisfying to write and illustrate a kids book as deadly as Hairy McLairy. I might give it a go one day.

PS Vanilla and I want to catch up with you when you're up this way over XMas. What'd'ya say??
Your Greatest fan..Stan..

Kim said...

I feel exhausted just reading that!

Just remember to keep your eye on the prize. How long to go now?


Jenn said...

Oooooh yes please Nadine! Though I am much less interesting irl :lol:

Kim 13 and a half months. So soon!

Kisses said...

Awesome! When it get's closer to the time we'll have to devise a plan and make it happen. Can't wait!
(And I'm self conscious and multi-challenged irl. We'll be a fine pair.)


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