Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Fly me to the moon...

I'm so exhausted at the moment I can barely hold up my head but I am happy. I am really enjoying this rotation, it is the first time I feel like I'm really going to be a Dr. I take blood, I stick in cannula's and IDCs, I write in charts and I take histories and listen to heart beats while checking smoking histories. It's absolutely exhausting but it's FUN.

This week has been packed with so many things, lots of psych patients, chest pain, breathing difficulties, fractures, overdoses. Just an amazing learning experience.

Every mornign I leave as the sun starts to warm up the muggy sodden ground, the air still cool for Qld, and join the early birds on their way to work. The workaholic businessmen with their discreet shiny European cars, the tradies with their neatly stacked utes, the early morning cyclists in their lurid lycra and me in our ageing Sally car driving along next to the glinting Brisbane River and nodding along to the radio and laughing out loud at Jay and the Doctor. As I loop around onto the freeway in the morning though, my favourite commuter whistles past in bright orange taxis, sitting excitedly in the back seat, trunks overflowing with suitcases as they pull off into the Airport.

The planes taking off and landing alongside the freeway just make me want to pull off, whip out the credit card and fly off to places unknown. I am so envious of those excited people in their taxis going off on their trips of a lifetime. To not be having an ordinary day, to be having an experience.

I can't wait until that's us. On a real holiday.

OK too tired to keep writing, just not making sense and too lazy to edit.

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