Saturday, 3 November 2007

White Water World

We went there today. The Elfling loved every second of it - from being hesitant on the "baby slides" to actually dragging me along to the ride that was completely in the dark and involved fast rushing water and tunnels. Watching her skinny little self clamber up stairs to be drenched in bucketloads of water then slide head first down slides was jsut gorgeous.

The Monkey had fun as well, splashing around in her little pink onesie, but at the same time being not quite herself as she has some teeth coming through and also a low grade fever happening at the moment.

I had fun too, but themeparks are different when you're a parent. Suddenly it's all about everyone else having fun and having food and wearing enough sunscreen. And not caring that my legs are so pasty that I was half expecting the people around me to get flash blindness.

I am now very very tired, have a golden hue to my decolletage, sunscreen in my eyes and the most perfect sexy tousled "bed hair" thanks to the pool water and breeze that I've ever had in my life.

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