Monday, 26 November 2007

La vie est belle

Saturday was incredible - from the crisp white linen to getting dressed into my favourite clothes to wearing make up that makes me look almost pretty to watching Kevin07 win the election while sipping wine in the lobby. Eating dinner in the lush restaurant in our private room where the food was just transcendent and our camp French waiter made the whole experience perfect.

It was amazing and decadent and just superlative.

Yesterday was fun too, eating the much anticipated breakfast with the girls, and then packing up and dropping the husband off at the airport and coming home to my mostly clean house and thinking - I'm on holidays now!!!

It was almost a perfect weekend, except for the food poisoning that had me unable to move all afternoon and last night... (damn you buffet breakfast!!), but I refuse to let that colour my perfect weekend.

To top it all off I bought some clothes on the weekend - Size 12 and they aren't tight. Plus I weigh under 70kg. Life is good :)

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