Friday, 23 November 2007


I am of the belief, that if we have to endure through some truly craptacular weeks, that to do it with alacrity you have to have something to look forward to; something out of the ordinary. Something fun, or luxurious, or random. Or just nice. Something, anything, to make it through with optimism.

It doesn’t have to be something completely left field. It doesn’t have to involve more planning than an APEC summit. It just needs to be something to think about when everything else is making your blood pressure spike and your heart race. That little bit of something.

One of those somethings that I have had planned is taking my Elfling back into her natural habitat of temperate rainforests so that we can find fairies together and not be distracted by little sisters who insist on ruining games and stealing Mummy’s attention. I plan on spending time playing puzzles with my curious Monkey, and trying to distract her from base jumping off of book cases and tables.

I plan on sewing Christmas dresses and making an advent calendar and Santa Sacks. I have knitting projects to keep me busy for years. I have cooking and baking and sweets preparation to do in a haze of brandy fumes.

And while all of these make me feel positively Pollyannaish with excessive cheer, they are the side dressing to main event.

My lovely lovely ever patient and ever loving husband and I have not spent time alone in over 2 years. Not for a night anyway since that squalling little Monkey entered our lives and turned me into a pukey mess followed by a milky sleep deprived slightly smaller mess. To make things harder, while I have been so busy and stressed and ephemeral these last few weeks, my lovely husband has had to wear most of the burden of looking after the kids as well as cooking, cleaning, and all that other stuff that is so easy to fit in around working full time. It is his birthday on Sunday, and to celebrate he is flying out for a work project in the afternoon, topping off the awesome crappiness of these last few weeks.

So I decided we both needed something special. Something great even if it meant breaking into my jealously guarded piggybank. Something for just the two of us.

On securing a babysitter for the night, I set about looking for something fun, recognising that with his flight out in the early afternoon on Sunday my options weren’t extensive. And decided on the ridiculously extravagant notion of staying in a hotel in the city, eating in their very fancy restaurant, then enjoying the sleep in in the morning. (oh and they have buffet breakfast as well. I may not have mentioned my enduring love for the buffet breakfast!!). It’s just so pointless, but so fun and I have been looking forward to it for 2 weeks now. I am going to spend a night alone with my husband! We will get to wake by ourselves without having someone jumping on top of us. There is the possibility for morning sex!

All in all it’s been a hellish couple of weeks that did not get better with me having a mild breakdown in the middle (which I have popped out of as quickly as I popped in). But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And if going through that crap is what it takes for me to feel as excited and happy as I am now at the thought of surprising my husband for his birthday then I will take it any day.

PS my exam went well, I know I passed. Beyond that I don't care.

PPS Kevin Rudd might be PM this time tomorrow... could this day get any better?

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Kisses said...

Check in sex...before and after swanky dinner sex..a midnight romp...morning sex.. after sumptuous buffet breakfast sex..just before check out sex..
Have fun ya little hornbag. You deserve it.


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