Sunday, 9 December 2007

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Where it's less than 40 degrees in the shade! It's a true Queensland stinker here today, humid, hot and breathless. The girls are running around in undies and a nappy and doing the backwards and forwards dance with the oscillating fan. The husband and I are glowing like boiled lobster and the cat is far too tired and hot to hide from the girls and has taken up residence in front of the fan, stretched out like a lynx. The girls are even too hot to bother him.

This morning the Elfling and I rolled out our rumball mix (it's a truffle mix so needs to be refrigerated before you can roll it) so I rolled and she coconuted and now we have over 100 of them sitting in our fridge ready to be partitioned out into various kindy teacher gifts. It was so hot though that by then end we were racing because it was starting to soften so much. We also made a white chocolate rocky road and a traditional rocky road. Well the Elfling did while I mixed up our Christmas pudding (new recipe this year which looks and smells fantastic and is about a billion times easier than my normal recipe). I also have some gingerbread mix waiting to be rolled out and cut, but it's far too hot in the kitchen at the moment with the pudding boiling away. Then I also have a marinated feta mix to put in some perfect little bottles I found yesterday and I will be finished most of my home made gifts.

I have cut out The Monkey's dress/bloomers and have plans to start sewing them tonight. It says it's a very simple pattern but it has buttons AND ruffles, neither of which I've ever done before so should be interesting. The Elfling's dress is a new pattern as well, but it looks pretty simple, the most challenging bit will be finishing the seams without an overlocker (I'm not really good at doing the sewing machine finishing).

I've also been trying to finish the Monkey's sherbert shorties so that I can start a pair for my nephew in royal blue. I have a pattern I like for him, but just need confirmation on measurements before I start. I'm planning on having a good go at them when we go away in a week (knitting travels well on a plane, sewing machines not so much lol). Then in my spare time I need to go back to the gym, draft a pattern for and sew 2 santa sacks, go off to Brazil, find a pair of shoes to wear to the ball on Friday, and do anything else that crops up during the week.

Anyhow my pudding needs watering and I have some basting to do (sewing, not cooking, LH is in charge of Sunday roasts) so I needs be going. It may be stinking but I LOVE this time of year

*whistling Bing as she exits stage left in a plume of brandy fumes*

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