Friday, 7 December 2007

This Blogging Thing

Everyday as I'm clicking through my blogroll, I eventually get to this blog, and notice, without fail, that there is no new entry. That all the *ideas* for blog posts that I had in my head have not magically materialised onto the blog. By osmosis perhaps. I think about writing them, surely that's as good as actually writing and posting them!

I really like blogging the minutiae, the stuff that won't stay in my memory (no matter how dull it is for everyoen else ;)) but actually typing it out is tedious, so I rarely bother. And then as above, get slightly miffed that I haven't.

This week has not been exceedingly exciting. The Monkey has gastro and hasn't eaten anything (that has stayed down) for 3 days. It's times like this that I"m so grateful that I persevered with the breast feeding. It's the only thing she can tolerate, and even though my supply isn't what it was (we were down to 2 feeds a day), and I now feel a bit like I'm sporting nipple clamps 24/7, it's gratifying watching the look of relief on her face when she can actually take something that doesn't hurt her belly and won't come up 10 minutes later.

My last 2 days therefore have been trying to cope with the never ending pukey washing which is extra fun being as it's wet outside (dryers ahoy - and yes I know they are the original rapers and pillagers of the Earth).

The Elfling has been interesting. We had all these plans of stuff to do with just Mummy and Elfling involving baking! and gardening! and tripping off to the forest! but with Puk-ahontas here they've just not been possible. So again our special time has been thwarted and again she's acting up through boredom and attention seeking. I know it's not her fault and that she's bored and disappointed, but it's so hard to deal with when you've got cleavage full of sour smelling vomit. The house is clean today though, and I have a sponge cake steeped in rum ready for rumballs and fruit marinating in brandy for puddings so I'm dealing with her a lot better today and have promised that she can help make Christmas cookies today.

But that too may yet be interrupted - my last surviving grandparent has just been admitted to intensive care and is in acute renal failure after sepsis. I just feel numb about it, Grandad was actually the "unhealthiest" of all my grandparents, cirrhosis, reflux, Barrett's Oesophagus, gastritis, malignant melanoma, for at least the last 20 years he has had a myriad of very serious health complaints but has pulled through them all. But now that Nana's gone it just seems that he's lost the will. There is such a feeling of inevitability about all of this. Just not at Christmas though, not for my poor Mum. She can't have lost both her parents in one year.


Kisses said...

Oh Geez, I hope things turn out alright. Sending you a big cyber cuddle and kiss.

Kim said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandad. Your poor mum, having to deal with this at Christmas :(

As for your first paragraph about having ideas to blog but never typing them out - I'm with you on that one! I've started keeping a pad and pen by my bedsie as 3am seems the time of day I have my best ideas!

Take care, Kim


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