Monday, 21 January 2008

I've been tagged!

My first tagging - how exciting! Vanilla tagged me with a meme of 7 odd things about Jenn

1. I play online computer games. I've always loved comp games ever since we had our Commodore 64 (Riveraid! Pitfall!) and LH and I used to play them at uni together on our networked PCs. These days we both play Everquest II a MMORPG which means that we're playing with other real people. I have actually met some very interesting people through it.

2. I love driving and love dragging people at the lights (but never ever speeding). I don't know why it took me 8 years to get my license.

3. I like dark bitter chocolate, but don't really like milk or white. I'll eat it, and enjoy it while it's in my mouth, but within half an hour I will regret it (nothing to do with the calories)

4. I was vegetarian for several years and vegan for a while. I stopped when I started having issues from poor nutrition. I think it's entirely possible to be a healthy vegan but I didn't have the inclination to do it properly.

5. I only ever order felafels from kebab shops. The smell of that "doner" meat stuff makes me want to barf. I can't eat sausages for the same reason.

6. I love fishing and eating what I catch. There is something very satisfying about providing your own food. Ideally I would only ever eat meat that was not mass slaughtered.

7. I am an idealist and very soft. I have a very bad habit of trying to argue with people taht are hard and then feeling hurt and frustrated.

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