Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Blah blah blah

Haven't been up to much so not much to tell. Back at uni on obstetrics rotation which should be interesting (with my ambivalent cluckiness) but showing my true colours by skipping lectures already. In my defence I have downloaded and read through them though so not so bad. I don't atually like obstetrics as a specialty and it's back on my offlist again. Finding some of it frustrating already but looking forward to being in birth suite again (this weekend).

The Elfling has spent the last couple of days with my Mum and Dad and is apparently having a ball - it's the first real solo holiday she's been on and I think she's lapping up the undivided attention. I worry about her a lot but am also enjoying getting to spend complete one on one time with the Monkey as well. It just seems strange that she's so big now. I wonder what happened to my little baby.

The LH's job is going pretty well and he seems to be enjoying himself. Or at least not hating it which is a major step up from last time. I just hope he can maintain some enthusiasm as nothing stresses me out mroe than him feeling he has to drag himself to a job he hates to support us.

I'm OK but weirding myself out at the moment. Just doing odd things for me, and feeling unsettled. I usually do this sort of boundary pushing of a full moon, but seem to be peaking early at the moment. Have already smashed some of my resolutions (#5 was the first to go lol), but have been losing weight again even with being very inconsistent with the gym. Am very happy at the moment aside from slight weirdness though and relationship with the husband in all senses is going very well. Too easy actually if there can be such a thing.

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