Friday, 2 May 2008

The Parable of the Monkey and the Allen Key

The Monkey has bilateral ear infections and a sore belly possibly heralding the gastro monster. She didn't sleep much last night. Funnily enough neither did I. The sweet serenade of her screaming in my ear or slowly turning my nipples into a ProHart were not quite the lullaby my tired insomniac body was looking for.

She has lots of meds now and junkie that she is she obligingly sucks down the fake cherry and grape flavoured concoctions before asking for more. On the recommendation of the doctor we tried painstop which contains a sedative. She took this as a challenge and spent the next 3 hours climbing the furniture... including her cot. Several times. In a row.

So I dismantled the cot - her armed with the phillips head and me with the allen key and converted it to a toddler bed. Very cute to watch her spread out on the ground, head under the cot jabbing away with the screwdriver like a junior carpenter. Then when I'd put it all together again, I sat on the floor with the Monkey perched up on my back and cried. Because no baby is ever going into the cot again.

Then the Monkey began screeching for "narnas" so I had to go play Zoo Keeper some more. Not looking forward to mucking the cages tonight either.

1 comment:

hissychick said...

Jenn, I hope the monkey is better and that some sleep was achieved this weekend.

I refuse to allow myself to think about "this is the last time I ever.." type things because a) I am still working on mr hissychick re #3 and b) I'd cry all day every day if i did.


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