Sunday, 4 May 2008

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Further proof as to why I should be locked up away from society... Remember the commuter with the eyepatch? I saw him again during the week... he asked me for the time and I had to concentrate on not doing a pirate accent when I answered half past five.

I caught the "y' scurvy cur" just before it tumbled out.

Jenn = perhaps not the maturest person you will ever meet.


Donna said...

Oh I do things like that too lol. I often wonder if would still talk to me if they knew half the things that pop into my tiny mind lol.

hissychick said...

Another one who is glad that people can't read my mind. Now to work on the too expressive face me hartie..

Melissa said...

That made Joel and I laugh out loud.

Except he doesn't know any backstory about commuters, lol. So I think that you turned into crazy stalking commuter lady.

Ah. Them's the breaks.


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