Sunday, 7 September 2008

Daddy Daughter Day

Father's Day today, and the girls gave the greatest gift today of being stupendously well behaved while also being cute and clever and fun. We went out to a new park this morning in the brilliant spring sunshine where the Monkey stunned onlookers with her fearless agility, so much more marked because she's so little. We don't even notice any more just how odd it looks to see such a tiny girl flinging herself off a slide or climbing up the side of play equipment that much bigger children are struglling with.

The Elfling was just gorgeous today, Spring truly being her season, the way it reflects off her honey brown ringlets, trussed today into a princess crown, bouncing along with her down dappled paths. She's so mellowed these days, sensitive sweet and ethereal. She spends her days on Elfling time, lost in her own little dream world. Her long slim body so grown up these days. No toddler traces except for the tiniest softness around her wrists.

It was just so lovely to be out in the sunshine today. To be with my family and to be happy and free.

The Husband had a lovely day as well and is currently lounging in his new Peter Alexander pyjamas and butchering the French language as he tries to read the slogan on the back in an attempt to coerce me away from the computer.

So to keep the French onside...


1 comment:

hissychick said...

The monkey and E should get together for a playdate, the little wildies.

So lovely to hear you feeling happy and free :)


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