Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I'm alive...

...and it feels good, though a week of doing nothing much besides sleeping helped as well. Oh and the deliciously expensive Tamiflu tablets. And the 3kg weightloss. And the continuing lack of appetite combined with increased energy... And anyhoo. I'm well enough now to come back to work, sporting terrible skin (I break out when I'm sick, probably due to the greasy matt of hair I didn't wash for a week gluing itself to my face) and a nose that is bearing the scars of a fabulous herpes infection ('nother remnant of illness).

The Monkey came down with the 'flu on the same day I wrote the last tearful entry so I jammed the "contraindicated while breastfeeding" rubbish up where the sun don't shine and we didn't wean. I can't tell you how happy that made me. Her too. She was much less sick than I and being as I have junkies for children who cry when they don't get "medsin" it was pretty easy to treat. I am a bit over Buzz Lightyear though.

Managed to ride to work this morning and not die so I'm glad my fitness didn't take too much of a nosedive. I am somewhat ecstatic about the temporary weight loss as well. Having an epiphany again that I still don't really expect to lose weight and still think I look like the Michelin Man (the mirror agrees with me, friends and acquaintances apparently disagree). I know it's hideously shallow to be so hung up by a number on a scale but there you have it. Shallow as charged.

I owe both the girls a few posts worth of development at the moment. They're both gorgeous and clever and funny. The Monkey has sprouted a head full of soft, cheeky, riotous curls over her head making her look even more rascally than ever. Her language has also exploded and she is talking in toddler sentences (revolving around the needs of herself, Lord and Goddess of the Universe). The Elfling is getting taller and thinner and more lovely. Her intellectual curiousity is increasing and sometimes we're stumped at answers to her probing questions... like "Mum and Dad... why are you both nude?".

The husband is, as ever, lovely, even when I have a large snotty and tearful tantrum at his expense. He does have his faults that can drive me absolutely around the bend, but he still loves and adores me so while that makes him insane it also buys him a lot of credit. As does the fact that our holiday is almost done being booked and paid for. All we have to do now is source enough swimwear for me to swan around in for a week.

The uni issues are all sorted but continue to be ridiculous in the extreme. I just need to pass my exams and have my name marked off the roll a lot. I am not particularly stressed about my exams at the moment and instead have a sense of inevitability about the end of this year and the end of my uni career. It's a bit sad to think about but at the same time long overdue. I don't fit with the perky far FAR too young looking uni students on campus any more, and I think the final step will be when we actually move away from this green, student-centric suburb into a grown up one. But that's a subject worthy of its own post.

Anyhow just wanted to update you all with the completely unsurprising but happy news that I'm still alive and that I'm back to my usual optimistic cheery disposition. Truly, sleeping for 100+ hours last week seems to have paid back a good chunk of the massive debt that I'd racked up and I feel fantastic for it. 8kg to go.


Anonymous said...

Oh so lovely to see you well again. I had that awful damn flu this year too and my God I thought it was going to kill me! I literally winced reading your post from the memory of it all.

Lovely to see the weaning didn't happen too :-)

Shannon said...

Good work - glad to see you up and about again. Go easy on yourself now though, won't you?

Kisses said...

Glad you're back in the realm of the living. And glad the monkey has still got her titty :)

hissychick said...

So glad to hear from you and that you are feeling better.

Yay for weight loss as a side effect of a shitty illness!

Yay for the monkey still having her booby juice!

Extra yay that you are back blogging!

Must stop now before excalamation overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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