Saturday, 13 September 2008

Party Preparations

Trying to plan the Monkey's birthday party which is a morning tea in the park for at least 15 kids and their parents plus grandparents. So around 35 people (bare minimum). This party is taking place the mornign after my exam... so I'm trying to do it with as little stress as possible.

For entertainment (because most of the kids are about 2) we have the park with their handy swings et al. and 2 year olds are pretty happy to entertain themselves. If I'm organised I'll buy bubble blowers and balloons because at party after party we've been to, it's amazing how a group of 12 little kids will all chase around after a balloon in favour of other (expensive) toys.

For food there will of course be "the cake" which I will do sometime this week (ie not the night before hopefully) as well as the following menu
- fairy wand biscuits
- mini sandwiches in kid friendly flavours (ie ham and cheese, chicken and avocado etc)
- fruit kebabs
- cupcakes
- jelly cups
- marshmallows
- lamingtons

To drink I'm planning on just having 2 big containers of water, I'm pretty sure the kids will get enough sugar from all the rest to not need any more. I'm not sure what to do about the parents though. Will they be happy enough drinking water do you think? I know it probably sounds scabby but cordial and juice etc are just sugar and there'll be enough of that already (and I don't want to do hot drinks at a park).

Then for party favours I'm just going to make up little bags with colourful fabric scraps tied with a ribbon containing the ubiquitous $2 shop finery, balloons, a lollipop maybe and a cookie with the child's name on it.

Is this enough? I'm really not a "party thrower" so have no clue. Birthdays in our family were always family celebrations with a special 3 course dinner at home. I'd much rather do that but the girls have been invited to so many parties I felt like they should have at least one!

Peer pressure - not just for teenagers. (But I'm not hiring a jumping castle - so there!).


Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic! I'm sure the adults will be happy with water to drink. Perhaps take a flask of coffee to the park?

Nicole S said...

I only ever do water.
I don't even do lolly bags. Or prizes for games.

lol. Wanna come to one of my parties?

Actually, I lie. I did a fruit punch at Lucy's first.

Marywin said...

Oh man, sounds like I come? I promise to take my shoes off on the bouncy castle!

hissychick said...

Sounds fabulous. And the grown ups can lead by example when it comes to water drinking ;)


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