Friday, 12 September 2008

Procrastinatory stream of consciousness.

It's 11:11 and I am theoretically reading an article on adult polycystic kidney disease. It's a 24 page long article and full of loooong sentences with even longer words that are making my eyes glaze over. But in 2 hours I have to give a case presentation and make it sound like I know what I'm talking about so I'm hoping to memorise some key words so that I can sound clever.

I hate Firefox spellcheck. I refuse to spell memorise with a z. And favourite has a u. *shakes fist* Be gone vile red squiggles under words.

Very much looking forward to the weekend because I need a break. And by break I mean time to sew the Monkey's birthday dress and study up on medical specialties for my exam next week. That certainly snuck up on me (FFS snuck is a word!! I'm not saying sneaked - it squints). Next week is busy again and then I have the aforementioned exam on Friday. Normally I'd be looking forward to a much needed 1 week break (which happily coincides with school holidays for a change) that I could spend with the girls recharging, but thanks to my old mate influenza I have to return during my break for a token week on the wards. Fun fun.

I have decided on the cake for the Monkey's birthday and have also invited some ridiculous number of people to come celebrate with us. I had an attack of the kiddy invite guilts and invited her whole daycare room because when I realised that there would be only 4 kids not invited I just couldn't do it. So now I have to cater for potentially 40+ people. Lucky it's only morning tea. Hopefully everyone will be happy with a chunk of apple and a quarter of a cupcake each. As the Husband remarked though, at least we didn't decide to do lunch. Eternal optimist is he.

Life is otherwise fine. Because my body is eating itself it is protesting muchly and making me extremely tired every night by about 8pm. I wish I could just go into a coma for a month or so and do all the weightloss in one go and get it over and done with. I flirted with the idea of Optifast or something just to accelerate it all, but between the riding to work, the hours on my feet, the being a parent, making dinner, keeping the house clean, sex, going to the gym, breastfeeding, donating plasma/platelets etc etc I just don't know if I would be able to keep it up on a very low calorie diet without a stimulant. I'm losing weight steadily (I didn't put back on the kg I lost when I had the flu) and am on target, but I'm into instant gratification. It's also depressing to lose 5 kg, realise just how much that is by looking at tubs of butter, and realise that you could still easily lose another 10kg. Stupid weight.

Polycystic kidneys really aren't keeping me interested and I'm not sure I can fake renal knowledge. It's all just so intricate and balanced. I prefer the hearty not much to learn stuff like the heart or the airy fairy stuff like the brain. The kidneys are just a lot of work. And involve urine. At least it's not gastro I guess.

OK I really should get back to my article. Or order a hot chocolate from Starbucks. Either or.

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