Thursday, 11 September 2008

Ticker Crazy

I have been flat this week, quite tired and wrung out. I thought maybe I was getting sick again (I have sinus pain AGAIN) but I think I have a much more logical reason... I've lost weight. The hard way. The exercise and eating properly way. Who woulda thunk it? So I updated my ticker because things like that give me the validation I so desperately need, and then because I was there at the ticker page I went slightly crazy and have now added several new (and quite ugly) tickers to my blog.

But I lost half a kg in the last week so I'm happy.

Onwards and downwards.


Donna said...

Lol at all the tickers! Lot's of great things to count down though!

Well done on the weight loss :p)

Mothership said...

Excuse the Oprah-ism but You go girl! There is nothing more uplifting than a loose waistband. Congrats and enjoy. :)


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