Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Just a note

If you've ever thought of having a brazilian wax, then always go to someone who has been recommended and listen carefully to their recommendations. Because Phucking Hell if you got the woman I got today (my regular therapist was away) then you would never ever return. In fact by the time that you were game enough to peel away the ice packs and the emla cream you'd probably find that the whole thing had grown back in the month it had taken you to be able to sit properly.

Just saying.


Simone said...

Jenn- you just totally stopped my swinging to and fro between "Yes I will and No I wont"

The outstanding winner is now NO!
It brought tears to my eyes just reading that

Mothership said...

Egads, not the vulva!?!? ;P

I do my own. There are very few people I trust with certain parts of my flesh.

Kisses said...



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