Sunday, 26 October 2008

Things that make me feel sick

Not eating
Waking up
Standing up
Moving quickly
Bending over
Going to the toilet
Anything that smells like meat
Water unless it's frigidly cold
Staying up for more than 12 hours
Sleeping less than 10 hours
The Monkey's nappies
The smell that the dryer gives clothes
Hot air
Cooking smells
Being in anything that moves

I am on stemetil and it has reduced the vomiting but paradoxically increased the nausea. It has somewhat lessened the overwhelming motion sickness though so I'm moderately grateful.

If you read this and suggest ginger I will personally find the biggest, knobbliest ginger root and shove it up your arse while telling you to google hyperemesis. Weight still going down. In that bad flaccid way, not the healthy I've been exercising and eating well way. I actually look paradoxically fatter with the wobbly bits.

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