Sunday, 2 November 2008

Summer Dreaming

Spring in Queensland is not the gentle unfurling in crisp morning air. Here the air is already thick and gravid, heady by 8am, a sultry promise of the tumult of Summer storms.

Cherry and apple blossoms are not really seen here; the piquance of the light blossoms incongruous with the sensual assault of the subtropics. Never do we wake to the lacy bowers of pale blooms in orchards that I read so much about as a child. But as I walk to work each morning, Qld compensates with drifted over boughs bending under the weight of blooms; walking through flurries as the lightest breeze loosens them.

Unlike the delicate hues in the Southern States, Brisbane is splashed with bright yellow and purple. Lightly scented, but not obscuring the smell of hot damp earth. The pace of life is slowed now, the heat makes exuberance difficult as people wind down to the party season.

Already there is the promise of BBQs by the pool, a cold drink in hand, salads and summer desserts. The sticky sweetness of stone fruits, the juicy decadence of mangos and mixed nuts prepared with spices. Rumballs and cheesecake, ginger biscuits, plum puddings and ham off the bone. Wrapping gifts under a decadent tree lit up with crystal tipped lights. Bing Crosby and silver bells.

This time in 4 weeks I will be either finished or preparing for my last exam before I can call myself "doctor". Sitting here in the lounge room with bags packed high and ready for last minute essentials. Making sure the girls have everything to go stay with Grandma and Grandad for a week while I freak out a little at the idea of being so far away from them. The heartburn until we hear that they are safely home though not with me. Getting on a plane with my husband, our first trip away together, just the two of us.

There's already spice in the air, something that excites and scares me. This chapter of our life winding to a heady summer close. No more uni timetables, no more kindy for at least another year, no more exams, no more assignments. No more tags with the "student" sticker. No more guaranteed summer holidays. No more worrying about how to pay the next bill.

I love Summer.

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