Monday, 17 November 2008

Break point

So tired,
so stressed,
so sick,
so over it,
so short tempered,
so fucking up parenting,
so withdrawn,
so scared of failure,
so tense,
so not coping,
so afraid of next week,
so tachycardic,
so tearful,
so close to broken.


hissychick said...

Hang in there Jenn, and take care. Email me if you need to chat.

Kisses said...

Not long now girl. I don't know how you do it but you ARE!! You are so close Jenn!! XXXXX

Mothership said...

Ever so close now. Soldier on Jenn, you've come so, so far.

You make me wanna get off my arse. I don't feel that way often. Thank you.

Donna said...

So close to finishing, Jenn! You're almost there and you can do this. That finish line is already in sight, just a few more days and you're there.

Simone said...

As Mothership Ren said "You make me wanna get off my arse. I don't feel that way often. Thank you."

You are one of the few inspirational people I "sort of" know.

That light at the end is not a Train but a great bloody reward for a job well done

Shel said...

Oh darling girl. You know where I am. Don't drown on me now.

Averil said...

So close to dreams come true Jenn.

You amazing woman, wife, mother.

xx Ave

Cyliebug said...

Just breath through each minute. Draw strength from those of us that see nothing but the good stuff.

Marywin said...

Not long now Jenn - don't break, too much effort getting repaired, nurture yourself.

Melissa said...

5 Days to Bali. I reward, a break you've so earned. Have I told you how proud I am? Just to *know* you? I am, you know. You inspire me. You shame me. You make me believe that maybe I can do better. You help me want better.

Thinking of you, Jenn. Always.

Blythe said...

Not long to go now, Jenn - what an amazing achievement. This time next week you will be reclining with a drink in hand, relaxing. Such an incredibly deserved reward.


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