Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My kingdom for a pillow

I'm so tired I could cry, no wait, I AM crying. Only a few days in and already exhausted. Aside from going out too late last night and going to bed even later (stupid non-pregnant mistake) I am just buggered. Ludicrously and emotionally tired. I have obviously got soft over the holiday period and the extra weight I'm carrying and the hours are literally making me feel like I'm bubbling with exhausted tears that keep wanting to spill over.

I will be fine, I just need to get my groove back but fuck it's hard. I'm just so glad the girls are having a holiday with Nana and Grandad - I could not be even a mediocre parent at the moment. It's hard enough looking after the parasite.

Thank God for takeaway restaurants.


Simone said...

Had to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am for you to be expanding your family.

You had two babies through medical school- having one more as a Dr will be a breeze for you.

Remember you are my idol for Superperson!

Melissa said...

Hope it's settled a little and you're feeling better, Jenn.

Have been thinking of you.

hissychick said...

How did I miss this one?

Hope you're feeling better Jenn.

PS Love the title. Fellow Jeff Buckley fan, yes?


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