Sunday, 11 January 2009

Point form

  • The rest of the week got better
  • I drove 3 and a half hours round trip today to pick up the girls
  • on the understanding Bingley would tidy up the house
  • I got back 4 hours later to find him playing his computer
  • and the house untouched aside from one load in the dishwasher and one load of washing on the line
  • I am not talking to him
  • I get paid on Wednesday, I am thinking of buying a cradle
  • which was not what I ever expected to spend my first paycheck on
  • but it still makes me happy


Shannon said...

Oh that does suck.

But yay about the cradle!!

Melissa said...

I want pic of the cradle. :)

Is Bingley still alive? Did he make it up to you? I would think it would take a pair of very high, very, very pointy shoes.

Or is that just me?

hissychick said...

Oh you do crack me up.

(please don't hurt me crazy pregnant lady ;-P )

Averil said...

Yes, I want a pic of the cradle too!!! I have my eye on a romantic old fashioned cradle myself (for down the track) and my husband has all but canceled my credit card for fear I buy yet another baby bed. We've had a hammock, portacot, cot, more, he says.

Make me jealous Jenn - show me your dream cradle!!!


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