Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Well that answers that.

The ripping stitch like sensation from my side where something is stretched beyond its limits

That would be his head. He is lying in an unstable oblique lie and if he doesn't move in the next 2 weeks I will need a caesarian. If my waters break, a category one caesarian. My obstetrician is a little concerned from the symptoms I've been describing about the risk of uterine rupture.

I am likely to be very quiet the next few weeks as I contemplate this fear inducing, awful, completely horrendous scenario.

Just once I would like to have a non stubborn, eccentric child.


Melissa said...

I don't believe that you are capable of creating a non stubborn child, your will is fierce.

I am, however, scared for you. :( Are you ok? Are you in a LOT of pain?

Is there anything I can do. I'm not that far away (I don't think?)

Jodes said...

I know that fear inducing sensation all too well.

Harry was in that position too (I think you know my gyno issues??) and I ended up with an emergency caesar at 35.5 weeks.

Look after yourself first OK Jen, if there is a way to cut back at work and take it easy please do.

Thinking of you (and the unborn prince)

Anonymous said...

It's boys you see, they are quirky little creatures right from the start. Jonah was in the oblique position. I had never heard of it until my OB mentioned it only moment before telling me we were heading off to theatre.

One bonus, he'll have a really nice shaped head because it's not squashed in your pelvis!

Don't be scared, Jenn, they'll get him out safe and sound. I can't believe it's so close!!

Averil said...

Yes, boys. Harder to carry, harder to birth, and I hate to say it...but harder to raise through babyhood too.

(Luckily those stinkin' boys make up for it with their absolute devotion and tenderness and soft puppy dog eyes. Awwww.)

Jenn, lightheartedness aside, I am really scared and worried for you.

Please ,wherever you can to just BLUDGE. I know you're absolutely worked off your FEET, but please give yourself permission to just BLUDGE where it is possible. I'm so concerned for you working so hard at such a physically arduous time.

I hope in earnest that this little man will get his topsy turvy little butt into gear for you.

xx Ave

hissychick said...

That's very scary Jenn.

PLEASE take care, and I hope your little man starts behaving soon xx


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