Friday, 22 May 2009

Bag still isn't packed

My hair looks awesome though. I have lost the ability to do anything meaningful. My days consist of walking around with my belly out having a good old scratch like a fleabag dog. I am not hungry and forget to eat. I am incredibly vague and spacey.

Last night we went to see La Traviata (we're season pass holders for the Opera) and I managed somehow to sit relatively still for close to 3 hours. It was worth it though, incredible set design and sumptuous costumes. Verdi being one of my favourite composers and Libiamo Ne' Lieti Calici being one of my favourite arias. Bingley bought me the season passes for my birthday last year and we have our own seats smack bang in the middle 7 rows back from the stage (any closer and you'd not be able to read the surtitles!).

I love the role of Violetta and the romance imbued in something as completely unromantic as tuberculosis. I love that 150 years ago a whole family could be ruined by consorting with the wrong type of women, and yet the demand for the company of the Violettas of the time was acute. I also love the vehicle for the soprano voice, especially in the third and most poignant act.

Bingley didn't enjoy it as much as the others we've been to see - he is much more fond of the comedies, but this one was so opulent it was hard not to fall in love.

For my fellow opera lovers

Would post more but head empty. And belly needs scratching.


Shel said...

Loved the movie Jenn - this type of opera is the one I prefer - sorry darling!!

hissychick said...

Hilarious Jenn. All of it. In a nice way of course!


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