Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Rush of Blood to the Head

Point form
  • I finally have a cleaning lady coming tomorrow, in honour of her visit I have been cleaning/tidying/folding washing for the last 5 hours...
  • I am so sleep deprived that my eyes are bright red. It's not a good look
  • It's Bingley's birthday tomorrow, he will be 29
  • Caramel fudge is impossible to eat in large amounts
  • The Possum has discovered just how much fun it is to play naked when you are a boy, I fear that this is the beginning of a lifelong love affair
  • The Monkey is having night terrors again
  • The Elfling read "Where is the Green Sheep" to the Possum to stop him crying all by herself! I stood in the doorway and sniffled a bit when I realised.
  • Oscar the cat's fur has started to grow back, he's finally settling into our new house
  • I've run out of things to say.


Vicki said...

lol I don't get why people clean for the 'cleaner'!

Happy birthday to Bingley!

How sweet of the Efling. That's so cute!

Averil said...

A love affair that neeeeever ends.

Wait till he starts telling you how much he loves it and how big it is etc etc...

(The possum, I mean.)

Happy Birthday Bingley!

xx Ave

Jenn said...

Vicky, I had to "clean" so taht the cleaner could actually get to the surfaces that need cleaning *blush*. I've also been madly stashing the "piles" of to do things in cupboards/baskets/hidey holes hee hee.

To me the house is spotless now - cleaner is coming to make it sparkle!

Jen said...

Well I am impressed with the Possum's early observation skills! Ashman only discovered the 'take anywhere toy' he has attached to him at 13 months old. Now he runs to the shower..just to have a little play (at 16 months :p lol) .

Happy Birthday Bingley :). Also well done on getting a cleaner (I'm thinking of getting one and also thinking that perhaps I should pretend I have one coming today so I get off my butt and clean. hehe)

Oh and what a beautiful reading moment between the Elfling and Possum.

Kirsten said...

Wait till he discovers that with just a tickle, he can make it BIG! Then proceed to show you at every nudie opportunity.

I'm sure the possom was enthralled listening to his doting big sister, very lucky little boy.

hissychick said...

*crying with laughter...and now back to just crying*


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