Saturday, 12 December 2009


It's easy to complain about Summer, especially in Queensland where the heat and the humidity can literally suck the life from your bones. When you have airconditioning it is possibly worse, the comparison between the frigid dry coolness of aircon and the indecent sultry humidity is stark. It can feel like an overfamiliar hug, hands everywhere and thick heady air that heavily pulls into your lungs.

It's lazy weather, it slows your mind and your body. Adorns it with a glistening slick. Coats your tongue and makes it sluggish and slow. When you fight the heat it punishes you. Puts stars in your vision and gives headaches. Frays tempers and raises blood pressure.

But when you succumb to it, when you let yourself be touched and welcome the embrace it curls through your blood, slow and warm and golden and suffuses you with light.

I lay in my hammock this afternoon, glowing in the ambient humidity, damp curls over my forehead and clothes limply clinging. I swayed gently, kicking with one lazy foot over the edge and felt the light southerly breeze dance over bare arms and legs. Listened to the strains of Radiohead and the Beatles and Muse that Bingley had queued up and just let myself soak in the warmth.

And as I listened to the air hum with the thick heat of Summer, I fell into the warmth, let it fill me and succumbed. And it was actually not so bad.

PS. He was fine. Even had a 90 minute sleep! I'm still sad but school holidays are doing much to inspire good things about going back to work.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Sigh. I just love your writing.

You almost lessened my hatred of summer heat.



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