Sunday, 20 December 2009

I'm dreaming of

I'm sitting in the glow of the Christmas tree lights listening to the practice New Years fireworks in the aftermath of this afternoon's deluge. I am overfull and trying to decide if I should be sick or not. We had Dad's family Christmas tonight and I am pretty sure the sand crabs disagreed with me. Haven't decided how violently yet.

Last week I was a bit stressed and over Christmas, but have perked up this weekend with the delicious combo of Bingley being on holidays and the girls having had a weekend with Nana. We wrapped a mountain of presents yesterday and I tidied the house and bought material from Spotlight for the Christmas outfits. I'm going to make big foofy skirts this year (ambitious!) out of sparkles and tulle and try my hand at some fairy wings at the same time. If you hear loud cursing tomorrow that will be me.

We have turkey and ham and lots of summer fruit. I bought prosciutto today and smoked olives for the turkey stuffing, and a sponge cake to make more rumballs. And I bought a new pudding steamer to make Christmas pudding that will boil and perfume the house for 4 hours tomorrow.

Bingley has dug out a huge patch of garden and levelled it and tomorrow takes delivery of topsoil in preparation for Tuesday's delivery of lush Sir Walter grass taht will form the cushion for the mega swing set we bought the girls (and boy!) for Christmas. He has been having far too much fun swinging his mattock and getting dirty and sweaty doing manual labour and I like to tease him about it. It's so lovely having him home.

The Possum has a horrible cold that I ended up taking him to an afterhours doctor to review on Friday night. He is having a lot of difficulty sleeping but is settling better tonight. He is so tired and falls asleep in my arms, but once in his cot, even with a nonSIDS safe pillow he gets so congested in his chest and coughs and wakes up. It makes me so miserable to see him sick. I'm not sure how well we're going to cope next year.

I got my rotations for next year. Because I work such a family friendly job, I have been given a compulsory country term next year (ie a 6 week rural placement) over Christmas. It made me cry. But as less sympathetic persons have said, it's not like anyone held a gun to my head to make me a doctor. So I guess I suck it up. Or quit. Either way, it's Christmas 2009 right now, and I have rumballs to make and fruit to marinate.


cjtato said...

I would have cried too. While it was your choice, it still is crappy that you've been assigned the placement over Christmas.

Jealous of the skirts and fairy wings!

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas.

Mousey said...

Yep, that sucks. My brother is on call Christmas Day this year so lunch is at his place (on hospital grounds - they are rural :)).
Rural placements can be fun (according to my brother lol he's the one who organises things for the students to do and does a lot of the training), but over Christmas, not so much.

muser said...


Have been reading your blog for a while but this is first time I'm compelled to comment. Lame of me, I know.
Anyway, trying to be optimistic - are you able to spend the 6 weeks out there as a family? Or can they even travel to you for part of the time over Christmas? I think it could be exciting for the kids to experience Christmas in a different part of the country, amongst new people with potentially, different traditions.

Jenn said...

I think the thing that upsets me the most is that if we manage to keep up the breastfeeding it will mean enforced weaning as well. I was still BFing the Monkey at that age with no intention of stopping.

Simone said...

Christmas 2010 will be an adventurous experience for your whole family to travel somewhere different! OK - ti might not be exciting BUT Christmas is for sharing with family- they can all come to you and share a different experience.

Have a joyous Christmas- I can't wait to see your fairy wings and foofy skirts!

candi said...

The rural rotation sucks indeed. I do hope it doesn't lead to weaning!

Have you got a pattern for fairy wings?


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