Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas trimming

Yesterday was a fun day. Filled with the chorus of cursing as I pulled out the sewing machine and the stitch ripper and started work on the girl's Christmas outfits for 09. Traditionally this involves frayed tempers, swearing and sweating and ignoring Bingley as he asks yet again why I don't just buy them.

And I think it was worth it in the end. I made a red poplin underskirt with graduated tulle layers and then a layer of spangled chiffon over the top with satin waist band. It is very foofy as promised, and great for swirling as the girls showed me until I went into conniptions about them getting dirty.

Bingley also gifted me a present early, because he wanted to check it fit.

So now I need to manufacture occasions to wear a victorian corset (can cinch my waist to 27 tiny inches, which is fun with a bust/hip measurement of 38")! Which I have also decided matches perfectly with my favourite Tony Bianco patent leather heels.

Renee, I just need a pettiskirt now!


Kirsten said...

Oh my!!! The heels, the corset - they are gorgeous!!

Have a Very Merry Christmas with your beautiful family.

Mothership said...

Oh, you do. You so, so DO!

I thought precisely the same thing. Would you go the red, the black or the mixture of both? Argh, not THAT confusion again!!!

Fantastic pins, by the way. :)

Melissa said...

Am positively drooling over those shoes. Hell woman, they are hot!


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