Thursday, 24 December 2009

When all through the house...

The Possum fairy annihiliated his turkey and pumpkin dinner. The smoked olive and prosciutto stuffing was awesome if I do say so myself and the greens were over done. By 2pm I'd finished a bottle of (low alcohol) wine and was recovering from a seriously grumpy mood and forcing Bingley to listen to Australian Idol's best sing Christmas Carols while I tacked up tinsel and worked out the complicated series of extension cords to turn on all the fairy lights.

I finished making the Possum a Santa Sack and we searched for an hour or so for the Elfling's fur lined one. I found the Monkey's stocking and then spent an hour searching for the safe place that she hid it.

But they're all laid out now. The stockings bursting with booty, soft toys spilling from the top. The multilevel garage in front of the Possum's santa sack. A pram in front of the Elfing's. Big square boxes jutting mysteriously in the red, fur trimmed sacks. Hanging up behind are the girls's spangled skirts and new fairy wing accessorised shirts.

The rumballs that the Elfling chose for Santa are gone, only a few crumbs and coconut remaining. The reindeer made short work of the carrots as well and the beer and water are all gone. She was so excited as I sang her to sleep, singing along to my favourite Christmas carols in the dark as the girls drifted off to sleep, the excitement hovering above the Elfling in a palpable cloud.

I'm now sitting in our sparkly living room tearing up at Marina Prior (though what on Earth has she done to her hair??) while Bingley finishes assembling the swingset (and WHAT a swing set).

I love Christmas, I can't believe how wonderful it feels to be sitting here in my beautiful house with my gorgeous children snuggled up in their beds with lights twinkling, the fridge bursting with goodies, a glass of sparkling bubbles next to me, a husband gleefully assembling his biggest lego kit ever and knowing it's all mine. This incredible life, it's mine.

I hope your Christmas brings you similar revelations. Love and cheer and happiness and big full bellies and excited, joyful children for all of you.

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candi said...

<3 Merry Christmas Jenn! <3


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