Thursday, 6 May 2010


Can there be anything better than the night before travel? Sitting up excited with bags packed by the door way and bouncing a little in your seat?

I have yet to lose that anticipation when it comes to travel, I love every part of it. I love the planning, the anticipation, everything. The lead up for me and the sleepless night before almost as good as the trip itself.

I'm going on a plane tomorrow to Sydney to visit friends, laugh, have a few drinks, relax and enjoy. I've been looking forward to it to months - a little trip away on my own to just kick back and have fun. I feel terribly guilty that I'm leaving Bingley with the 3 ratbags to have fun while he deals with tantrums et al, but it's so nice to just do something for me.

I'm literally too excited to go to bed now. Even though I have work in the morning, I'm goign to take my suitcase with me to work, which means that as far as I'm concerned my holiday starts as soon as I wake up. I have even laid all my clothes out for tomorrow.

It's so nice to have something to look forward to - I hope it's even better than I'm anticipating. If I miss a post over the weekend I promise to make it up - I will have plenty to write about!

Oh, and for Melissa, I bought these which I will be wearing while wondering around (Jubilee in patent).


Blythe said...

Have a decadently wonderful time, Jxx

Nina said...

Have a fantastic time away with your friends!


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