Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Day 5 and stalling out already

I love mint slice. Apropos of nothing. Some people can eat half a family block of chocolate. Some people love ice cream. Some people can't open a bottle of wine without demolishing the whole lot. My nemesis has a name, and it leaves me minty fresh.

I had an odd day at work today. A potentially very traumatic day that required a lot of tact, empathy and dealing with families in some of the saddest experiences of their lives. Lots and lots of patients, a lot of documentation, a lot of leg work. One of those days that you'd expect when it came to the afternoon team meeting would be sombre and depressing. But it actually wasn't. All of us had had these long, hard, stressful days, and somehow having the meeting when we did meant that it bubbled over into some of the blackest humour I've ever heard. It may sound appalling that there are things to laugh about in an area of medicine and life that is so very serious, but I like that there is humour in everything.

Because between that and mint slice, it's what keeps me keeping on.

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Melissa said...

You wouldn't believe the black humour Mum and I enjoyed during her final year.

One joke that was so funny, yet wildly inappropriate I've never been able to tell anyone else, for fear of them locking me up and never speaking to me again.

I'm glad you've got that outlet, and can find ways to deal. I'd imagine this rotation to be one of the harder ones you'll be dealing with.


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