Tuesday, 4 May 2010

What do you argue about?

If I have a nemesis it is money. I hate it. I would do better in a completely communist world where it didn't exist and everything that was done was for barter of services. I can not express how much heart ache, worry, stress it causes.

And worse, how little it bothers Bingley.

There are not many things that he and I fight over, but this is one. And it is a big one.

Sometimes I hate having to be mature about things and wish I could just have a screeching plate smashing argument. I'm sure I'd feel better (if only for an instant).

I like the achievement that comes with saving up for something, and then splurging all that hard won cash. It's a hangover from childhood when I'd save and save and save and do without just for the joy that comes with being able to trade that cash for *something*. I loathe buying things on credit and "paying them off". I hate paying interest. I hate not having a savings account that grows and grows. And more than anything else I hate that Bingley does not feel the same.


Jen said...

We argue about the same thing! The concept that it is not there..therefore you cannot spend or buy when you do not have the money is a very contentious issue around here. Not that DH wants to use credit but he just often doesn't make the connection that the two are related and you can't just get things with a snap of the fingers. *sigh*.

Anonymous said...



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