Saturday, 11 September 2010

Saturday playlist

Through some hoodoo magickry (random program uninstalls, deliberately crashing and soft resetting leading to blue screen and ability to reinstall drivers) I managed to trick my OS into having a torrid affair with my sound driver again so I am inundating myself with music. So far all from the list labelled "misery loves company" called such because it's been remarked before that it's a bit emotional. Which is what I feel like.

I started with this

Which is one of those near perfect songs for me. The piano intro and the slide of fingers along strings makes me understand groupies. Truly. Amazing stuff even without all the personal bits attached to this song. It's just a work of art and I love it to pieces.

I discovered VAST in my last year of highschool and bought the album on the strength of one song (Touched) which was one of the very few times I ever did that. I didn't have much money so albums, which often cost over $30, as I liked a lot of obscure alternative bands, had to pass the 3 single rule, or I just downloaded them off the college network. But anyway, I bought this album, and at 17 this song spoke to my emotional love seeking heart. Cellos have that ability. Even if it's been used in every cliched wedding march since kingdom come (including my own) tell me that you've never ever been affected by Pachelbel and I'll call you a liar =p

Another album bought off the strength of a single song. In this case it was the widely successful Shimmer which I also like (obviously) but I love this song and I sing it very loudly. I played it a lot on schoolies, where I scored free tickets to go see them live. And then couldn't use because it was an over 18s venue. I was quite pissed by this fact. But still love the song.

More piano. Love.

Relatively recent convert to Alice in Chains. This song is associated with some extraordinarily heavy emotion for me. In fact listening to it through the whole way through was incredibly difficult. It played literally against a montage for me. One that had me fighting to suck in a full breath. You can think you've moved past some things and then you have songs like this one that throw you EXACTLY back where you were when it imprinted on you and it's terrifying.

Always loved this song. Sing it loudly. Love it. Don't know why. One of those songs that I don't ever bother with analysing, just listen to and sing loudly.

Tonight I'm tangled in my blanket of clouds
Dreaming aloud

The most beautiful songs for me are the simplest. And this one is perfection. I love Dave Grohl, being lucky enough to have come to music post Nirvana and never had to feel the spectre of "Kurt Cobain was better" when listening to his music. It still shits me when people give me that response when I tell them I love Foo Fighters.

Sunday afternoon, a hammock and Qld Summer heat/humidity. Just listening gives me that sensation of heaviness on my chest from breathing thickened air.

This was critically slammed, but it makes me cry. I don't entirely know why. It reminds me of being 18, breaking up from my first emotional relationship, lying on my bed and wondering if I'd ever feel that intensely about something ever again. Thom Yorke is another musician/voice that would have me quite cheerfully giving my heart and body just to hear something aimed at me.

I was never heavily into Tool. I found it too heavy to deal with, even when I preferred living at the bottom of very dark caves, but I was much happier when A Perfect Circle formed and Judith has been on my OST for years. But a while ago I was re-introduced to Orestes and for some reason it just *stuck*. I love that music can do that. That it can just stick ; that it can somehow gather a tangled web of neurons around it that sparkle and fire with visceral emotion.

Will finish up here. I lost my musical virginity to Regurgitator, but it was Powderfinger that I had my first true blissed out relationship with. One very hot Summer afternoon I sat wrapped in a wet towel with a bunch of friends at the bottom of a waterfall; my battery operated CD player blasting the Triple J Hottest 100. In the first month of the new millennium waiting eagerly to see what was number one. I desperately wanted it to be this song, written for the movie Two Hands and just speaking to me: I'd just finished my first year of university; was about to begin the second and had beaten depression. I was on the cusp of emancipation from childhood and ready to live. To experience. I had so very many dreams and so much to give. Still do I think.

If you've made it thus far, I was wondering if anyone had anything they'd like to ask, or that they'd like me to write about. I often get comments after a post and then wodner if the etiquette is to reply in comments or to read the commenter's blog or e-mail them or whatever. But I'd like to interact more. If you'd like that too... *shuffles toes*


Melissa said...

Am working my way through your playlist now. A couple are actually completely unfamiliar to me.

Melissa said...

Ok. Am done. I love that you introduce me to music that I otherwise probably wouldn't listen to.

Absolutely loved LOVED the first two, especially the second. The cello is really moving me lately, I've been listening to it a LOT.

I've never been a fan of Moby (Joel is) but I liked this song. am lol-ing at the thought that it might just piss him off that he couldn't make me like them, and one rec from you....(I think truthfully it had far more to do with the mood I'm in tonight).

Loved the Radiohead and the Foo Fighters ones too.

kalita said...

I'm glad we have overlapping music tastes - I find if I can't agree with a person's music choices then we have very little in common at all. Obviously we both have excellent taste.

As for interaction, it goes as far as you want. I reply to comments to further a conversation if I think it needs replying to, but not every comment does.

(Also, OMG at the lateness of this. I realised today I had not seen a post of yours in a long time and discovered my RSS reader unsubscribed you. I probably hit the wrong button on my phone. Much catching up to do when I should be sleeping)


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