Sunday, 14 November 2010


I know it's now technically Sunday, but as I've just walked in the door from work I'm considering I get a free pass. I'm on the couch now with a large fries from McDonalds (salty excellence) and feeling twitchy after having consumed only 1L of diet coke since about 11am this morning. I also have some bizarre movie on TV which is called "Playboy Movie: the beneficiary" which has some complicated murder plot that is going straight over my head.

I'm completely wired from too much caffeine and not enough food and a day jumped up on adrenaline. But in spite of that, and the very late finish, I love my job. I truly do. I mean there are elements that are crap, and others that are flat out boring. But I come home most nights and I am just so glad that I do what I do.

I met a lovely couple tonight who are celebrating their 40th anniversary tomorrow. I met young people with broken bones that I patched up, and others with simple cuts and abrasions. I got splattered with quick dried plaster and I got blood on my shoes. And through all of it I worked hard and enjoyed myself. Quick, efficient, empathic and was praised by my peers and superiors. I don't live for praise, but it's so nice to get it.

I look and feel attractive tonight too. I'm wearing some of my favourite clothes, and just enough make up to make my cheeks blushed and my eyes stand out and sparkle, and the combination with feeling smart and useful is intoxicating.

Even eating soggy oversalted chips for dinner at way past midnight I feel so good. I want to bottle up my sparkling energy and pass it along. There are so many negative things I could talk about - I see some truly terrible things too, but tonight I just want to feel bubbly and happy; pleased with a job well done and a calm, sensible, beautiful face that looks back levelly at me in the mirror.

I feel alive

PS I've been watching this "Playboy" movie for over 20 minutes now and not even implied nudity. Clearly Playboy is a serious production company... who knew?

PPS That's my Welch Allyn stethoscope above. I've had him for 7 years and still going strong. I can't believe how much one can love a simple tool.

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