Sunday, 14 November 2010

Too tired to write anything meaningful.

Only 3oomL of diet coke tonight, so exhausted. Long long long shift. Ridiculously long. Saw lots of people, patched up lots of wounds. Developed more experience in the arena called life.

Don't understand assaults though. Still cannot work out why any person would feel the need to smash a glass or a bottle deliberately and then jam it into someone else's face. Or where any person could ever feel that they have the right to do the same. I mean I can sort of get where a stray punch comes from. I may still shake my head, but I can see someone getting so angry that they blindly swing. But deliberately breaking a glass in someone's eye? Why would you do that?

And the self harmers who are excited when they get an arterial spurter will always be beyond my comprehension.

There's a lot of misery in the existence of some.

Anyway, image today is from my new favourite blog, Paris vs NYC. I love it.

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