Monday, 15 November 2010

We wish you...

I have a few days off now, and although sleeping features high on the list of desired activities, the other thing that is making me cheerful is thinking about Christmas. I'm not actually allowed to mention the C word around here before Bingley's birthday, and every year I have to hide the fairy lights bought on special, or the perfect ornament, or the Better Homes and Garden Christmas edition.

I love Christmas, adore it. And the traditions and silly things that are associated with this time of the year for me. Bingley has told me that this year with my ridiculous work hours that there is no way that I'm going to be able to keep them all up, but I'm absolutely determined to prove him wrong.

For a start, the tree will still go up on the first weekend of December, because I have that weekend off. And even if I have to make them at 2am there will be rumballs, because there is only one month a year where I get to have them. And creamy caramelly fudge. And roast turkey with stuffing. And sitting outside with the fairy lights on the verandah with a drink of something festive.

I will make the girls their dresses and make something for the Possum too. And I will curse and unpick wrong seams, and they will turn out wonky but I will still insist on taking photos of them and the Elfling especially will adore it.

I look forward to creating memories and subconscious associations for my babies, so that even the mention of Christmas sends an excited anticipatory shiver up their spines. When all they can think about is seeing their family and cheerfulness and abundant tasty foods and sparkling lights.

I love giving, and making things pretty. I love the tree and all the special mismatched decorations. And I really really love teaching the Elfing to cook, and that gifts are not about the money spent, but the effort and love put into making and choosing them.


Blythe said...

I love that you love it. xx

cjtato said...

I love Christmas too but you make it sound even better! :D

Can't say I share your enthusiasm for sewing though. LOL


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