Tuesday, 16 November 2010


If you were to ask me what my favourite colour is, then 99 times out of 100 I will tell you red. I love red roses. I love red lips. I love red cushions on my couch and a deep red bed spread that makes me sleep better. We have 2 cherry bucket shaped leather chairs that I love and everything from my hammock to the persian glass votives hanging over my outdoor setting are shades of red. I love red. It's passionate, fiery, It flickers and reminds me of the heart of all things. It contrasts against my black hair and my pale skin and it warms up rooms. I love walking into a strange place that has red accents. It wakes up my nerves and shivers along them.

And then of course there is Christmas, where sparkling reds and red baubles and red cherries and holly berries make me so cheerful I could just about explode from it. I wear red fur hats (even though it's approximately eleventy billion degrees) and buy poinsettias to decorate the house. It makes me sparkle.

But it's not the colour that instantly relaxes me, that when I'm surrounded envelops my soul and keeps it warm. It sneaks up on me every time it happens, we will be driving along, chatting away when suddenly there it is, and it feels like I'm breathing for the first time.

It's been raining lately and the afternoons are so humid it feels like breathing under water. But the side effect is that driving into the mounthains is like falling into Oz - the emerald of the forest and the rolling hills is so beautiful. I literally feel my blood expand, my breath catches and I want to cry.

It may only be 1 day in 100, but my love for green supercedes all.

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