Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Day One

I'm so tired. I went to the local supermarket after I finished my clinic, put some healthy food in my trolley with the idea of coming home and making something tasty. Then unlocked my room, pulled on my college jersey and ate a carrot. With yoghurt chaser.

Too tired to eat.

I woke up in the silence, I got ready, had a shower, ironed my hair, did my make up, put on my japanese cherry blossom silk blouse and my pencil skirt and my heels and then sat on the couch and wondered what else I should do.

It's bizarre laying back here at arsenic hour, when usually life is so hectic and noisy and the only sound is the aircon that my flatmate insists on using (even though it's balmy outside) and the birds. I could get used to this, if only I didn't miss them so much.


cjtato said...

Oh I know that feeling. The first day or so is weird, then you think "oh this isn't too bad" and then you can't wait to get back. Not sure how long you're away for (I know. Slack follower. I did read it) but I'm guessing it's more than a week so I hope it goes quickly for you and you're back with your family in no time!

E. said...

I hope you enjoy the change of pace during your A Country Practice. And that you aren't so tired tonight.


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