Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wandin Valley, Day Two

By 0730 I had admitted 2 people to hospital, pronounced someone dead and written up the complicated meds for a palliative patient.

By 0930 I had seen 4 patients in clinic before being called to emergency to look after an unstable 11 year old girl before transferring her to a more appropriate hospital.

By 1030 I was back in clinic with a backlog of patients and my "breaks" being filled with more patients.

By 1230 I had caught up enough to eat lunch.

By 1630 I was all caught up with my clinic patients, had made 3 phone calls and accepted 2 patients to be admitted to hospital.

By 1730 I was feeling cocky and started cooking dinner.

By 1830 I was sitting in a one room emergency department with 3 unstable patients, taking bloods off one, asking for oxygen on another and realising with a jab of fear that I was in charge of this chaos. That the two nurses were looking at me for what to do. Then Bingley called and I chatted to my girls and wanted to giggle at the ridiculousness of chatting about how art class went today and what they made in the sandpit as I sorted out troponins and ECGs.

By 2030 I had sorted everybody out and I came home to eat my half cooked lukewarm dinner.

By 2130 I had fielded 3 phone calls about my full hospital and had changed finally out of my work clothes.

By 2230 I hope to be asleep, as I have to get up at 0130 to take bloods and I also am fully booked out at clinic tomorrow.



E. said...

What an eventful day.

Nina said...

Busy day! At least it will go fast. Better than being too boring... right?

Is it what you imagined?


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