Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I went to Ikea today and came home with only 3 more items than I had planned. I call this achievement.

And when the 3 items are fairy lights, I don't think they count anyway.

I am planning on posting a picture with every post this month, and this one is of my beautiful Monkey wearing daisies in her hair. The daisy chain is a result of my never-ending fidgetiness and need to keep my hands busy combined with my love of all things botannical. It is not unusual for me to be sporting flowers in my hair, tucked behind my ear or pinned to my dress. And on that very warm Melbourne afternoon my two princesses insisted on being decked out in the little chips of sunlight.

Matching this, fashion this month is very pretty, with florals and lace and pretty colours predominating and my very feminine heart is in raptures. I was sent a sample of perfume in the mail the other day - Guerlain's Idylle and after a preliminary sniff test I was massaging the tiny bit of oil into my wrist and neck as if hypnotised.

The magic thing was that Bingley who is often derisive of perfumes, mostly due to the hay fever that they incite, loved it too - with an enthusiasm that almost matches my own exuberance. It has notes of lily of the valley (how I love that name), jasmine and Bulgarian rose and BEST of all, not a trace of vanilla. It matches perfectly with my new Review dress and my silk rose shoes.

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