Sunday, 24 April 2011

Joyeux Pâques

Ideally I would love to cheat with this post and show you delightful natural photos of excited children chasing around with exquisite handmade baskets exclaiming over Easter eggs, before sitting prettily in natural white light and beaming. But for me to have taken such shots I would have had to have slithered out of bed at 5am, as that was the time when the delighted shrieks could be heard from the back of the house. And I confess, terrible mommy blogger that I am, instead I rolled over and snuggled into Bingley and went back to sleep.

In fact, it wasn't until the first noises of rapid sugar come down at 8am that I started blearily opening my eyes, and even then, the appeal of closing the door and celebrating our sugar bought sleep in seemed much more rational. So now the only evidence that a certain furry gentleman passed by this way at all is a confetti of silvered paper over the playroom floor and a slightly manic look in my children's eyes. I have been told, with gusto, of the many eggs they found and how well they helped the Possum find them too, but for the veracity of this account you would have to trust the Monkey, who has been intermittently sobbing and hanging from the doorway as she bounces off the walls.

Ahh Easter.

We went to my Dad's family's Easter celebration yesterday, in the same place it always is under the trees, and the kids raced around while Bingley and I sat back and let the grandparents take in turns chasing the erstwhile Possum. It was right near the beach, and although a grotty beach, the wind off the water and the sun and the salt made it perfect. I am hoping against hope that the weather holds until next week, when we will be at a much nicer beach taking a well earned family break. Unfortunately my tradeoff for getting a few days off is that I am working from 8:30pm until 8:30am for the next 3 nights. I am hoping at least to be rostered on with some friends who can keep me company for the long nights.

But for now I need to decorate a pavlova and find an antidote to sugar while the roast perfumes the kitchen and my Mum and Dad stir up the kids. Hope you have a lovely Easter!

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