Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 17, technology

This is my baby. My Asus G51J imported from the USA as they were near impossible to buy in Australia. A gaming laptop that at the time of purchase surpassed most of the PC systems that were available ready to buy. It is beautiful and I adore it. My 4th child. I feel despondent when I'm away from her. She sits on my lap every night, mostly humming softly but occasionally singing all my favourite songs. I've gamed with her, chatted with her, flirted with her and she's taken some of the best photos of me that I own.

You'll notice the teddy bear and fingerprint accessories as well as my pyjamas in the background. Due to the cold I've taken to doing a lot of my writing/reading in bed, and my other three neglecterinos like to curl up with me and put their invariably sticky hands over everything.

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