Wednesday, 15 September 2010

More proof that I am the world's biggest nerd

Chain of events leading to minor supernova of neurons in Jenn's head today

1. Voluntarily doing research in the library
2. Voluntarily researching the physics involved in the production of digital images from Computed Axial Tomography (aka CAT/CT scans)
3. Discover that in 1958 the EMIDEC 1100, Britain's first transistorised computer, was developed under the leadership of Godfrey Hounsfield, an electrical engineer working at a company called Electrical and Musical Industries
4. aka EMI
5. Which received a huge boost in funding in the early 1960s from the sale of this

6. Which lead to Hounsfied inventing a machine called an EMI scanner capable of 80x80 pixel resolution axial images of the brain
7. Which lead to him receiving the 1979 Nobel Prize for medicine
8. And paving the way for the images that I use every day as part of my job

9. Thus meaning that my future vocation is heavily based on the initial success of a group of Liverpudlians whose songs I sing regularly to my children. :D
10. And that part of me is so hugely tickled to think that loving music can be the source of something so advanced, so necessary and so incredibly life changing in such a tangible way


alliecat said...

Amazing, what an insightful and interesting post! I love trivia like that.

Forrest said...

What a great post - had me smiling :)


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