Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Purple's a fruit.

I solved the bread crisis, which in retrospect was most likely due to not getting enough vitamin B, with seeds. Seeds and nuts really, but between the two I’ve noticed my blood sugars are absolutely more stable and I’m feeling generally a lot healthier. It didn’t help though when at morning tea meeting today someone brought out a packet of mint slice biscuits. There is no way on Earth I can say no to them, but managed to restrain to only one, so I am feeling virtuous and smug.

I’ve also been going to the gym after work, and hope to make it a regular habit. Something that is made more difficult through apathy and staying up too late to watch Season 3 of True Blood, but is worth it nonetheless. The biggest thing I’ve noticed? My posture is better. I tend to gain weight on my arms, upper back and bust. Which when your bustline is already too big puts a lot of strain on the thoracic spine. In any case I feel more confident and generally like I’m breathing properly when I stand up straight, so the effects are multifactorial. I really ought to start the day with some sun salutations as well – I know they’ll make me feel better, but when it comes to that or burying my face in the pillow for 10 more minutes unfortunately the pillow still wins. Hopefully it will start getting hot soon so getting out of bed becomes necessary.

The jacarandas have just started flowering I noticed. Study time for university and high school students… and, as it turns out, for me. I have a bit of down time at the moment, and have been trying to fit in some independent study. Mostly just to keep my brain active, but also to further my education and place me in a better position when I apply for training positions.

I am a paper studier, and cannot get by with computers/internet alone. It may seem odd, that in an age when you can google or wiki your way through everything that I would shy away from technology, but when it comes to real learning, I am at my best in a library with a paper book, off a shelf, a ream of recycled/reclaimed paper and some pens and pencils. I like to doodle diagrams and make up flow charts. I once fancied a career in anatomical illustration and like to do my own sketches of the blood supply of the forearm and the muscles of the eye. I very firmly believe the mantra of “see one do one teach one” and cannot help myself from trying to share pieces of new found knowledge.

In fact, anyone that’s been trapped in a car or other small space with me for any length of time knows that I can’t help but share. And teach/explain. Ever wanted to know the molecular basis for diabetes? Welllll let me pull up a seat.
Anyway, I’ve procrastinated enough, and need to re-read the physics of MRI. Hope you are all well.

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